Thank you for visiting this page! I am a television and film professional with experience in multiple genres. Please follow these links to view my editing or producing samples, or to read my bio!


Here’s what I’ve been working on for the past few months! Click on the links for more info!

Soul of the Dragon Sneak Peek

I recently edited this super fun docu-style extended trailer, combining animatics, classic comic books stills, and the film’s finished animation with interviews from the producers and cast, as well as exclusive recording booth footage.

The Once and Future Smash

I’m currently editing this celebrity-packed bittersweet comedy mockumentary feature from Launch Over.

Christmas Caroler Challenge

I spent the end of 2020 editing an episode of this holiday-themed American Idol-style singing competition for The CW, as well as writing a bunch of very punny teases.

World’s Funniest Animals

This summer, I contributed my comedic editing skills to two episodes of this new, rather silly, CW series in the tradition of America’s Funniest Home Videos.

HBO’s Watchmen

In addition to editing several short promotional spots, I was very lucky to edit and create original graphics for “The Colossal King (The Adrian Veidt Story)”, and co-edit “Watchmen Unmasked”, two documentaries about HBO’s limited Watchmen Series.


In 2019, I wrote, directed, and edited this award winning horror-comedy short, produced by Launch Over. It’s still in the middle of an incredibly fun festival run!